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August 31, 2006

The Sins of the Lucas are Visited on the Trek

In another example of just how chicken shit and unimaginative the entertainment industry is, Paramount is pulling a Lucas with the Star Trek series.

Totally bankrupt when it comes to bringing up new ideas, the "idea people" in Hollywood are going back to the well once more by re-launching an old show. This time, it's the 1960's original Star Trek. They're bringing it back to broadcast TV, with new digital special effects, new music, and new shots of the Enterprise.  We can only assume this may include:

- Removing the toggle switches from the "futuristic" bridge stations

- Hallways that don't remind us of an old Hilton hotel

- Doorways that don't wobble as they "whoosh" open

The real question on our minds: When they get around to season three, is there any way to slim down Captain Tubby? Can't wait to see the digital six-pack.


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