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August 27, 2006

Big day for freaks...

We heard Paramount decided not to renew a 14 year deal with Tom Cruise.  To quote Sumner Redstone, chairman of Paramount's parent company Viacom:

As much as we like [Cruise] personally, we thought it was wrong to renew his deal. His recent conduct has not been acceptable to Paramount.

Wow Sumner, what conduct could that have been?  We have to say we haven't seen anything that's really stood out among the rest of your Hollywood freak show.  Even the Govenator is in court (by proxy, wouldn't be right for him to deny charges directly) to... well deny charges that he's a groping fiend (something that is well documented on film and video from the days before he realized he might have a need for a clean reputation.) 

And while we're on the subject of freak shows, did you hear that Neverland is apparently Never More?  Burned down with all that potential DNA evidence gone up in smoke.  What a shame.


  Last day at WorldCon today. ROAD TRIP!  

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