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August 26, 2006

Watching the movie previews...

We saw a bunch today. What are we most looking forward to?

The Fountain - The fountain of youth from 1600, Today, and then Hundreds of Years in the future. Looks awesome.

The Prestige - At first we thought this was the trailer for The  Illusionist.  Now it looks like it's the movie we thought The Illusioist was going to be.

TNMT - All we can say, is that it looks true to the Eastman and Laird "vision."

Children of Men - Global Warming?  That's an apocalypse for sissies. Wait until you see where CoM hits you.

  Yes, we're still at WorldCon today. Great parties last night.  Particularly the Aussies, terrific beer.  - Mr. E.  

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