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August 19, 2006

Not Quite War of the Worlds...

We will be having some fun with this.

Recently The Onion started doing Onion Radio News.  Now, we expect you already know what The Onion is, and if you don't you need to stop reading now and go there. No, we're serious, you need to go there.

OK, so you now now that they're the web's preeminent source of news mockery.  And the Onion Radio News extends this to news radio mockery. 

What you might not have leaped to is how you could use this in your every day life.  Of course, handing the whole Onion paper off to a friend is fun, but they get the joke right away.  We're thinking playlist with some of their stuff intermingled and burnt to CD for playback in the car.

We particularly loved "Stocks Plunge Amid Investor's Fear of Spider." It's just so true.


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