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August 17, 2006

Walking backwards on the Stairway


Why is it that all the great performance artists are Dutch?  They aren't? Oh well, Jeroen Offerman makes us forget most of the rest. We ran into this guys work on the first DVD issue of McSweeney's WHOLPHIN without having heard anything to prepare us... and we were so blown away.

Check this out: The guy sings Stairway to Heaven, backwards, accompanied by the music, backwards, in font of Saint Paul's Cathedral in London. He videotapes the bit, and plays it back, backwards.  Combine his Dutch accent with the whole backwards bit and you've got a really trippy experience.  We won't spoil everything for you, you can check out a clip on his web site, and the whole video is as we mentioned on WHOLPHIN vol. 1.

...rednow su sekam ti, hhhhO.


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