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August 9, 2006

We like the Coke...

Becoming a connoisseur of something is always a great summer goal. You don't have to make a great investment in wine, you don't need to start researching and hunting down new artists, sometimes you just need to shop the right stores.

Coke is an easy one. No, we're not going to stretch this out into some long innuendo about cocaine use. We're talking Coca Cola. And what lots of people don't realize is that Coke is different in different locales. 

The easiest one to pick out is Mexican Coke.  (See how we could have run the whole drug thing here, but we respect you too much.) Mexican Coke is made with real sugar. US Coke is made with high fructose corn sweetener. Why? Because the US farm lobbies make sure that large lumps of your tax dollars go out to pay farmers to grow stuff in quantities we don't really need. Then they find "uses" for them, like soft drink sweetener and ethanol. But we digress. If you're interested in doing a taste test we suggest you start reading the soft drink labels in local taco and burrito shops, looking for the "made in Mexico" label.  No kidding, that's where we get ours. Do a taste test, have some fun, develop your soft drink pallet.

In the news today we hear that "the Indian state of Kerala has banned the production and sale of Coca Cola and Pepsi following a report that the drinks contain harmful pesticides." These are locally manufactured and bottled products. The manufacturers deny the charges of course. While we're intrigued by this, we'll probably pass on any of the Indian imports.  A connoisseur needs to know their limitations.


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