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August 6, 2006

You know people hate you...

It's got to be some kind of a clue when you go into the hospital for serious surgery and most of Miami breaks into a street party. Coming soon to a VCR near you, it's Cuban Refugees Gone Wild! An exuberant orgy of drinking, Cuban flag waving, and other antics for visiting local news people - although most of those we saw had no need to be anywhere near the business end of a thong or wet t-shirt.

How sad for the rabble with the news that Castro is on the mend and will likely return to power in a few weeks.  Of course, the way that part of the world works it's possible that the big C may have already been dead, perhaps years ago, before going into the hospital.  Even interred, he may have several more years of "power" ahead of him. Simply put, the guy isn't terribly hard to impersonate, and it's likely that there is support staff who want to maintain their own power through his continued "presence."  The whole hospital ruse is simply "keeping it real," a likely activity for a 79 year old who definitely has this thing for cigars.

But of course there's nothing to back up such a conspiracy theory. Nothing at all.


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