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July 29, 2006

What, Me Priorities?

World unrest. Global warming.  Insane Hezbollah taunts Totally-Fed-Up-With-You Israel. Korea testing nukes. Gas prices skyrocketing boost Exxon's profits 30 percent.  Lebanon. Somalia. US soldiers dying in not-war-but-not-stable Iraq. US citizens pouring money into Bush's business friends pockets through no-bid contracts. WorldCom. Bird Flu. Congo. West Nile. Political fraud and lies.

With all that's going on, it's so reassuring that President Chimpanzee has time to hang out with the cast of American Idol. "This has been planned for some time," said a Bush spokesperson. Fucking peace in the middle East has been planned for some time too asshole, put all those plans in a single list, get a number in front of each of those priorities and kick out the ones that fucking don't matter!  "I'm sorry Taylor Hicks, but the president can't meet with you today because the Middle East is on fire and he's supposed to be the fucking leader of the free world."

Hope these petty issues don't get in the way of him heading back to Tex-Ass to ride ponies and chop wood.


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