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July 9, 2006

Private Message to the St.

Funny story.  We do read everything you guys write.  Case in point: regular reader St. Steve who crammed all this into that tiny message box:

you know the real question here is why in the hell does anyone really send you guys comments. Surely telling you that we agree with you has no affect on you, nor does any other thing we might say. Well no effect besides amusing you that is. So we must all be one pathetic mass pandering to those that we percieve to be wittier smarter and generally superior in hopes of some sort of recognition with which to justify our own hopes of superiority. Thats pretty pathetic come to think of it. Or certainly not admirable. So NO MORE, the only shit you get out of me now is going to be spawned by good respectable boredom! Now im off to eat some biscuts and try not to let the fact that writing to you and telling you all instead of just taking it in and changing myself means that ive commited the same act again. -St. Steve

Of course, we've been sucking at updating the shouts lately. Just sucking. We'll get around to it eventually, maybe a big XMas present. Right. But in the meantime, we wanted to say...

Thanks St. Steve, you made us laugh out loud.

  Of course, we're only encouraging him to continue in his pointless effort to get our attention...  

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