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July 5, 2006

Seven Great Things About the USA: 3

History - No, not necessarily all the wars we've won, or great things we've done.  This is about how US history has this habit of finally getting things right.  Some nations bury their mistakes in revisited history, forbidding their discussion both home and abroad. But not the USA! Nope, we (with a few exceptions) tend to bring out the dirty laundry after the party is done, and re-evaluate the "winners" once they're not in power, and the "losers" once the opposing party has stopped slinging mud.

And we do get it right, eventually.  From the Salem Witch Trials, to McCarthy's Red Hunt, to the vilification of Nixon, we eventually stop the party spin on events to revisit and reevaluate intellectually - without the help of pundits and political advisors.  The evaluation works both was too,  there's plenty of room for redemption.  Jimmy Carter - once thought of as ineffectual, is now a real World Leader respected and influential.  Al Gore, elected president of the US, habitually misquoted and labeled "wooden" by the opposition, is obviously one of the most intelligent speakers and presenters on real global problems. Can you think what the world today would be like if Jeb Bush hadn't been Governor of Florida?

It's easy to be upset with things as they are now, how bad the current leadership is in every sense of that word. And we're right to be upset.  But at least we can take some solace that eventually history will correct itself.  That the current gang of thugs and liars will be exposed as the worst thing to happen to our country in over 200 years.  Hopefully that won't co-inside with maps having to be reprinted to show new national coastlines.


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