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July 2, 2006

Seven Great Things About the USA: 6

Rock - Face it, folk music may get the first nod as an American original, but the real American music is Rock and Roll.  It's American made and nobody does it consistently better.  Sure there was that "British Invasion" back in the Sixties, but those guys all realized where they needed to be and eventually became US residents.

Today, if you're traveling in Europe or Asia you'll drink in the sounds of American rock like cool water in a hot desert.  Any other country's rock... basically sucks. 

And they know it!  Look at the Japanese prime minister, Junichiro Koizumi - A Total Maniac Elvis Fan, right down to the glasses.  And don't get us started on German rock. It doesn't matter what genre, or who is playing it, you have to be deeply into your stein to begin to pretend you're having a rocking good time.

Rock on brother patriots.

  Did we mention that watching Bush next to Koizumi was simply embarrassing. First impression of Koizumi was, 'hey, it's another Japanese businessman with unusual hair."  But then, you listen to him talk, and sing, and joke in OUR LANGUAGE, and he's totally doing the "top that Mr. All Hat" to Bush.  Our guy looked like one big dumb fuck, where as JK was so damn cool. Man, can we elect someone who doesn't look like the last round draft pick at dodge ball?  

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