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June 28, 2006

Product Endorsement

Dear Motorola,

We know our relationship with you has gone through some tough times. Yes, we're still bitter about that first Moto MX200, but that's what you get for shipping crap in a box.

We very much appreciate your attempts at making it up to us.  The new Motorola Q goes a long way.  Even gets our endorsement.  Ordered ours the first day of availability and probably are responsible for selling a dozen or so for you by demoing to others Think that the Slingbox guys are probably responsible for some of it with their Mobile Slingbox client beta... getting your home TV service, and DVR recorded programs, pumped out to your phone via the internet is just killer - living in the future stuff.

Anyway, we just want to say thanks.  And don't fuck things up again.


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