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June 26, 2006

More Money than God...

The big news today is that the second richest man in the world just gave most of his money to the richest man in the world. 

Warren Buffett announced plans to donate about 80% of his worth to the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation. Gates and Buffett have long discussed giving the bulk of their fortunes back to the society that made them wealthy in the first place.  Together, well, its an unbelievable amount of money, closing on 70 Billion Dollars.

While this puts us in the unusual state of being at a loss for words, its interesting to note that this will not silence the mindless "Bill Gates is Evil" zombie hordes out there... because nothing appeases ignorance when it is fueled by envy. 

We here at E.C simply tip our glass to the two richest men in the world and wish them well. And guys, we are available for consultation and advice at very reasonable rates.

  In related news: Oracle's Larry Ellison, sailboat "captain" and long time pretender to the title richest man in the world, is still a no-show on fulfilling his $115 million pledge to have a building named after him at Harvard... 18 months after announcing. Similar status with his announced $150 million pledge to Stanford.  

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