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June 24, 2006

God Damn Godless Bitch...

There are few women alive that can turn the phrase "ignorant slut" into a bad thing as fast as Ann Coulter. This loud-mouthed, self-aggrandizing, exaggerated lie spinning, dried-up cock tease is simply an embarrassment to anyone trying to promote equality among the sexes.

Case in point, yet another lame "Liberals are evil" book entitled "Godless; The Church of Liberalism."  This time this agent of the conservative "minority" (HAH!  Minority when they want to be, Mandate makers when it comes to justifying atrocities) takes on the idea that liberalism is a religion replacing Christianity (and she mumbles something about Judaism to feign unbiased agenda here).  This is, of course, because the ultra-conservative religious right has not fully blown away the basic tenant of separation of church and state.  The zombie hordes of the UCRR won't be in full rapture until they've turned the USA into a god-fearing-by-law nation.  Coulter, of course, is making a career by dressing in skimpy tight clothing and regurgitating their bullshit with her own additional acid flavor additives.

The funny thing here is Ann looks like she's getting a bit past the point where plastic surgery can continue to provide the double-hit of titillation and tribulation. The impression is creepy, like one of those old sex stars from the Sixties whose neck just won't turn with the face.  Even the carefully chosen front picture, tight black jumper (mini dress?) with cleavage and long hair over one breast, gets a little scary when you give it a good stare. 

One of the best pieces of advice we heard as young men was "never go to bed with anyone crazier than yourself." We might add, it's not too healthy to fantasize about them either.  Those are fucking crazy eyes on that bitch. And the whole anorexia bulimic diet plan has gone a shade too far into the Mary Kate realm. Can't be a happy person inside, it must be constantly looking for something to strike out against, something happy and sensible to attack... like democratic process and rational thought. It's no wonder she's a hypocritical, lying, hatemongering disgrace to the race.


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