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June 22, 2006

Not too late... for Manliness...

"Hey!" you're saying, "you just gave us tons of stuff to read... not that we're gonna, but you spent a whole fricking week on it.  And now you've got another?"

Well, yes.

We ran across "The Alphabet of Manliness" at a local store and it was an instant buy. Why... well, we like Maddox. We didn't know about him until someone accused us of ripping our color scheme off his web site (sorry chum, we've been this way since '95.) So we checked him out. He doesn't write much on the site, but when he does it's usually a good chuckle. We go there often.

So when we saw he'd somehow convinced a publisher to risk the inevitable lawsuits and antagonizing politically correct jackasses by publishing a hardback volume of his thoughts, well... we support that kind of thing.

Plus, we love the alphabet format


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