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June 21, 2006


America needs you to go shopping.  It stimulates the economy, causes stock prices to go up, and increases the value of our, er... all of our portfolios to go up. Casa Evil 2.0 isn't going to be built on sweet wishes and candy cane dreams after all.

So, we consider it an act of patriotism to introduce you to yet another on-line store where you can buy more crap to fill that dark void in your soul.

Today, we give you Whoot!  A different type of shopping network.  Each day, a new treasure. Each day an opportunity to evaluate some new toy or tech. But this place is different. Each day they offer one item until they sell out. We especially like the snarky self-deprecating descriptions, and the live comments from buyers.  If you find yourself coming back for more cake and bile at E.C, we expect you'll feel right at home at Whoot!

Each day starts at midnight central time, a new item is introduced and the buying begins.  This is great for us because we love late night shopping, but getting into most stores at that hour involves a crowbar or a friend in the security department...


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