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June 20, 2006


Now we normally don't go after the "little guy" - that minimum wage sap who aspires to someday move into an even nicer mobile home, maybe with an awning over the car, you know - that clerk at the drug store, grocery store, liquor store...

But they're starting to bug us. 

It's about getting change. Somewhere in recent history they all got new training about how to give you back your change. Happened overnight as far as we can tell, they all learned this new technique and it stuck.

In case you're not already nodding your head in recognition, we're talking about the situation where you get some bills and some coins back.  You hold your hand out for the change, and they count stuff out in front of you, then they place the bills in to your palm, and then balance the coins on top.  Like some little money temple.

Little thing, right?  We think not.

What happens here?  Checking the stack balanced in your hand for accuracy is awkward and embarrassing. You are likely to just jam the whole wad into your pocket or purse because you've got your purchase in your other hand and people behind you are waiting.  There's no way to count the mess without dumping it down on the counter and separating it out like some crazed street person.  Might as well mutter to your invisible friend while you do it, right?

Well fuck that. Fuck the people behind you. And fuck that clerk.  Nobody pushes you around here, take all the time you need - do it your way.

We suggest not holding out your hand at all.  Don't pick up your purchase.  Let the clerk stand there, and simply motion for them to put the change on the counter.  Pick up the coins and put them away.  Then pick up the bills, it's not too hard now to see they're shorting you a $5 right? Or maybe not, but at least you know now.

OK, that was a bit petty but we've been meaning to say it for a while. While we're on the topic of minimum wagers, remind us to someday we'll tell you what really happens when you complain about your food in a restaurant.


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