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June 6, 2006


Ohhhh, scary.  Mark of the beast, the AntiChrist, the Omen... yeah, right.  It's like every talking head today has to mention that the month, day, and last significant digit of the year line up to read 666. 

Kids, you're stretching.

Who said you get to use the last significant digit?  It's just shorthand for 2006, and sloppy at that because it's inconsistent in general use - too many times it doesn't fully distinguish one date from another; is 11106 in January or November?  And there's nothing really scary about 662006.  Similarly, let's recall that we never write the date that way... it's just stupid.

So, happy Tuesday.  Stay sane and no t h  i  n     g      w   i     l     l       g        o        w        r         a     f          g        .      .          .             .


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