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June 5, 2006

One more thing...

Pardon us for taking an easy one this morning.  The observational stuff is so obvious, but we're not sure we've ever heard comment on this one.

So everyone who runs, bikes, climbs, etc. for their health is all about making sure they have the lightest equipment available. Ultra-light running shoes, spandex shorts, bicycles with frame weights measured in the ounces, magnesium carabiners and nylon rope (ok, we'll give the climbers a break there.) Not to mention preferring clothes, helmets, and postures or bike shields designed to reduce wind resistance.


Wouldn't they be so much better off exercising with heavier stuff? Putting on a little resistance? Isn't it more about exercising than speed? Wouldn't they be better off in old clunky tennis shoes with heavy rubber soles? Canvas parachute pants? Old school pig-iron bicycles with big clunky tires? You get the drift.  Otherwise isn't this all kind of like weight lifters going at it with balloons?

And it would be so much more fun for the rest of us to watch.


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