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May 31, 2006


We watch, with tongue in cheek, as DC Comics prepares to re-launch  Batwoman.  Of course, this isn't your mother's Batwoman.

This time, Kathy Kane is a "lesbian socialite by night and a crimefighter by later in the night."

In other words, after 50 years in the closet, she comes out as what the rest of us refer to as "a lipstick lesbian."

Of course there's no expectation that this aspect of BW is going to be played the way most comic fanboys would really want it to be played, so why bother? And of course she's going to be gorgeous, built like a melon smuggler, and when in pain her facial expressions will look suspiciously like pleasure...

There's no courage in that. Of course, had DC decided to make BW an overweight 4' 11" nutritionist  from New Jersey, with LL Bean sense of style, then there would have been no buyers either.  And comics have never been known for any projection of reality...


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