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May 30, 2006

Home again...

So did you miss us? Yes, we backfilled the messages again, but unless you were in the know... well it won't make much sense.  In fact, that doesn't make much sense.  But then again, we're not always pandering to those who demand... sense.

So, back to day-by-day play-by-play.

Not much to say, but we'll leave you with a question: What's worse than being trapped in an elevator?  Being trapped in a glass elevator.  Just ask a few patrons of the new NYC Apple Store who were put to just that exact situation.  (What is it with Manhattan and fishbowls?)

Bad enough you eventually need to relieve yourself in front of a bunch of strangers in a cramped compartment, now add TV NEWS cameras...

Good news, apparently no one actually had to relieve themselves during the 45 minutes they were stuck.

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