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May 20, 2006

We haven't commented...

On the price of the PlayStation 3 yet, have we?


OMFG. Are they fucking kidding?

There, that's our comment.


  OK, we can't resist going on. Sony exposes themselves as not only being money grubbing swine, but swine who blatantly jam the Blu-Ray drives into the PS3 to try to create a market for their proprietary Blu-Ray standard, passing the cost of that self-promotion on to you. Step 2, resell you movies you already own. 

Listen!  Hear it? All those videogame fans out there clamoring for Blu-Ray in their video game systems? Of course you don't!  People who go out and spend the big bucks on a 1080p HD video system aren't really the type to boot their video game to watch a movie.  Hard to integrate that PS3 control system with your high end programmable remote control system.  Even Sony's RM-NX7000 costs about $800 (and won't do Playstation), some indication of what the high end videophile pays for quality.

And all those games they showed last year?  Yeah, none of them were showing game play, just pre-rendered cut scenes. PS3 graphics, on the few games they had working, are in no way better than 360.

And we got a look at the PS3 interface.  They made the same fucking mistakes as their PSP UI - absolutely non-intuitive.  Like wandering in an unmarked hallway looking for an exit door.

Happy Suck Day PS3 Fanboys.


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