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May 13, 2006


Yeah, it's fun to see the cool hipster slacker gen y-1 guy make the sloppy suit guy look silly. But we've SOOO been there Apple. It would be great if you could sell your stuff on the basis of pure function instead of stacked-deck comparison. If it was a real comparison, well we know the sparse-goatee guy would be living in a box on the street and the suit guy would go home to 4 cars and a trophy wife.  Last we checked, there's NOTHING in iLife that helps us justify a paycheck. There just aren't enough jobs out there making photo books or iTunes playlists.

Now if you did an ad campaign around BootCamp - there you might have something. Of course, you'd have to admit that one of the biggest reasons the new Intel Macs are hot now (besides the fact that they're less hot now) is they're run Windows software. 

Again, WE LOVE YOU APPLE!  However, it's a tough love as long as you're smug for all the wrong reasons.


  Some excellent submissions so far, we could end it now, but we'll still take submissions for replacements for posts (or lack thereof) on May 9 and 10 (and 11 for that matter!) Submit them in the usual fashion. If you can't figure that out, then we're not too anxious to hear from you.  

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