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May 12, 2006

Paris at E3

Earlier this year the E3 committee announced that "Booth Babes" would be highly regulated at this year's E3. Too bad they didn't think far enough ahead to regulate "Booth Skanks."

Paris Hilton was present, if an hour late, to push a lame-ass "Me TOO!" Tetris/Bejeweled/blahblahblah mobile time wasting game called Jewel Jam. Don't bother clicking around, we're not hiding any direct links to that worn out "so 15 minutes ago" crap - and yes, we mean both Hilton and Jam.

If you must read about this total waste of whoring human flesh, we direct you to Joystiq, where they provide all the nasty little details about the promotional benefit provided by this amazingly fraudulent excuse for a human.  They would have been better advised to have used one of those love dolls as a spokes-model (and check out that first picture... kinda creepy in that light?)

And did we mention she never returns our calls?


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