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May 10, 2006

Guest post special:

Our Education

Okay the school just made us go to the library to sign a petition for K-12 education to be on the list of constitutional rights, I looked at this and came to the conclusion that they where not going to accomplish anything, so I sent them a letter via their "tell a story" page that went like this There is only one small problem with America today and that is its lack of thought. Your petition, while its heart is in the right place, will do nothing to change this. There are hundreds of people out there who assume they are smart because they can recite the names of all the presidents in order. These people think they are smart because they can spit out trivia for a teacher. I can teach a relatively smart parrot to do the same. This is not the same as thinking; thinking is when a student takes seemingly unrelated facts and pulls them together to make a new thought. That is thinking, that is what cannot be taught. so ill probably get a very nasty letter in my e-mail soon, in case you want to check it out the site is at www.oured.org/pages/sign-the-petition


  Another guest post. Unsigned, but probably from Nick, Eli, Sara or Mavrick.  Yeah, we can tell.  Spelling errors corrected but otherwise unedited.  

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