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May 9, 2006

Guest post special:

On Shorthand...

To all those people out there who spell three letter words with a single alphanumeric character: It doesn't save time, shut up. If you took the time to spell "u" and "r" with more than one letter, maybe you would know how to type faster. I hate shorthand. It only makes things hard to read and destroys and sense of grammar you have. Despite what you may think, it will have at least some effect. Also, you shorten them less to save time and more to make them look "cool," which they do not. It makes the writer's brain look less like a brain and more like a shredded bag of illithid fetus throw in a blender with the physical manifestation of George W. Bush's personality. Smothered in hot sauce, of course.

  Today's guest post is from "Anti"  Yeah, a bit rambling, perhaps drug induced, but we liked the passion.  Spelling errors corrected except for "illithid" as none of us could guess what was intended there.  

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