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May 4, 2006

Han Shot First...

Finally listening to film buffs the world over, George "Why do people hate Ewoks and Jawas?" Lucas has bowed to fan pressure and release the original, non-extended, non-digitally enhanced, theatrical versions of the original trilogy on DVD in September 12th. 

This announced on the same week we're finally getting around to transferring our Laser Disc copies of the original theatrical films to DVD.  Absolutely no exaggeration there, we've been meaning to do this for years, but only moved the laserdisk player next to the DVD burner this week for this specific task.

Guess we scared George into doing it...


  Of course the idea that they now get to sell us the trilogy for a fourth time (up to eight or nine if you're absolutely insane and bought at every possible opportunity) is probably a motivating factor here as well...  

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