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April 16, 2006

Hello, I am Raul Again

The Misters have left on a springing break and I am to type into the page. Sunday now. I have just a few writings today.

Raul, how old are you? In years. love from catherine xx

Catherine yes it is in years.

Hello, sir. WOuld you by any chance be intrested in purchasing Sausage Insurance? It's highly nifty. For instance, let's say you are enjoy a nice picnic, when all the sudden you drop your plate of delicious sausage all over the ground. That's when Sausage Insurance comes in, we will replace your delicious sausage hassle free. Only three easy payments of $9.99! Order now, your sausage will thank you.
Thank you but I think I have this already.
My 17 year-old daughter came home today drinking low-carb flavored water. Low-carb water, huh? Guess that wasn't the worst part. The name of this fine beverage? Speedo. Now, you know SOMEONE read the name of that product out loud at some point. Was I really the first one to think it was gross to drink from a speedo?

Is it the cost of water that was being the problem? It is not bad to drink water. Water is fine to drink.

MUHADEEB Hooray for the 4th of July!  I hate almost everything about it.  My dumb-ass neighbors shoot fireworks from 9:00 p.m. 'till 2:00 a.m. for five or six days straight**the streets are all blocked off for "parades"**the air national guard does high-speed-high-noise fly bys for any small town that asks for one**I get invited to three or four excruciations called "picnics" to which I must accept at least one or I will have to go to one of the others**one word: relatives**I probably have to work, but if I don't you can be sure my boss will call me in (or, see "picnics" above)**Hot weather and/or rain**Fireworks stands taking up 60% of every spare parking lot in the county**It's enough to make you want to strap a row of firecrackers to your head and dive head first into a burning barrel.  I'm going back to bed.OK, you were smart enough, or just curious enough to click everything in sight. Here's your chance to give feedback. 

I am sorry but I read that. And again. It still does not make a message I can tell.

That is all for this morning. Have a nice Sunday.


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