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April 15, 2006

Hello, I am Raul Again

The Misters have left on a springing break and I am to type into the page. Saturday morning and more from all of you is here.

Damn, I'm not very clever or interesting. No wonder I have no friends. Maybe I should drink some beer before I submit something because thats when people like me the most. Not that I have no life or anything, well I don't at the moment, I looked through your drool pages and I'm not sure whether or not to be offended that I didn't get put in there. I have submitted some incredibly stupid things and some not so stupid things. Bottom line is that I've seen what I've typed equalled or bettered in the drool pages. This can't be as good as life gets. Sitting here knowing that everyone else is having fun but you're doing the right thing. Theres the decline of Western Civilization. Its much like the fall of....what was it, Rome? when they had a lot of orgies towards the end of it all. Thats us. We're all doomed. But not without promiscuous(sic) sex. Yeah! Yeah! Brevity is the soul of wit. So I will not take up your time with a long post or useless information that someone with your intelligence can surely see. Theres more to life than whats in suburbia. And its rotting the very establishment that your grandfathers worked so hard to make. Mine didn't. they got pushed around and forced to live in reserves and the such. Not me. I'm adopted. Very well kind sir. Please continue to shit in my mouth. I find the taste very intriguing. Was it tacos you had last night or spaghetti-os? I hope that you do not think that I enjoy this as much as you do. I am not that bright or smart. But I hope that I do have a shred of intelligence left. Maybe this message will finally make your drool pages. I'm looking for attention that only a website owner can give. Forgive me if I stroke my computer just enough for it to spurt electrical data onto a cd. In my world you never truely know if you have gone mad. You think you have some days but other days you think that you are just another normal person that doesn't seem bothered by the way things are looking. The 3rd world within the "1st" world will have their revenge soon enough. Soon, the world will be awash with tree hugging hippies again. And we can have someone to beat up again to make ourselves feel better since we were all bullied in school. Too bad it has turned some of us very cynical. Well. That is my breif feedback. Hope to see this blathering mess of nothing on your drool pages some time soon. KG

I am sorry but I got lost reading.

my name is KITTY CAT  i look like an angel ,and i am beautifull and sexy but since i got hurted so much i turned into an evil that belives in satan and now is my turn to hurt the others.
I am sorry you got hurted.

Me and my boyfriend have awesome crazy sex till the break of dawn every Sunday of the third week in every other month when I feel like it and since you guys are evil I thought that I would let you know that we are kinky. -Fatty Bride

That sounds like a thing for you to not tell others. I am sorry but I do not know how to keep it off the page.

Wooo, birthday party, and no ones invited.  Except Raul.  He can come. - Socaddict

Thank you.

Hi Raul! I think you are real, but also that you are pretending to be stupid. Maybe you need therapy. Love from catherine xx

I think I am real. Is that a question?

RAUL! now is the time to divulge the secret workings of e.c.  the mister will never know! COUGH UP YOUR COOKIES! -- g/b

You are talking about the rooms in the back? I do not do chores there. And if you eat slowly the cookies do not cause coughing.

What do you I say to the captain? - Red "487" Rose


Screw Chuck Norris, Bruce Lee was cooler. Right man? You gotta love Bruce Lee. Seen Way of the Dragon? Anyway, it must be a great honor to sit and write for Evil.com. One of those acknowledgements of Godhood. Hell, Its that simply to have them say something about you. Keep up the good work Raul. 

Yes. Thank you.  I have not met Mr Norris or Mr Lee.

Raul, you said you can fit 214 marshmallows in your mouth...are those the little marshmallows, or the jumbo ones?  And what about marshmallow Peeps (gotta ask, this being Easter and all)?  I know it's harder to fit lots of Peeps in your mouth because all the sugar makes it so you have to chew a little to get them to slide down your throat.  And do you prefer pink, yellow or blue Peeps? --->Sarah

The marshmallow bag said jumbo. I think it was full stomach that made me stop. Please don't ask me more food questions. The answers are not easy and hurt.

That is all for this morning. I have other chore things that are not this to do.


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