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April 13, 2006

Hello, I am Raul Again

The Misters have left on a springing break and I am to type into the page. Some people left words for me.  Here are my words back to them. You may read them also.

Raul! How I have missed your humble banter! It is good to hear from you and know that you are well. Don't let mean old Uncle Sam take you away from the Misters E. I'd hate to see who would replace someone as illustrious as the Great Raul. - Paul DeAmicis

Thank you Mr. DeAmicis. I would also hate to be replaced. There are so many suggestions on how to do the replacing also.

Hey Raul! man, my arse is still hurting from last night...have you been using the enlarger? Hando753

Were you the one outside last night who fell?  Hope you are better.

Hello , Raul. I have a question for you: Are you by any chance a Vampire Slayer? If so, I have reason to believe that an acquaintance of my may be infected with Taco-Lycanthropy. Yes, I'm aware Were-Tacos aren't technically Vampires, but since there's a lack of Were-Taco Slayers, someone has to take the job. Best Wishes, Antiblaze. (P.S. Try peircing it's heart with a spork.)

That is a great deal of question Mr or Miss Antiblaze. I do not tell if I can help you. I do know that infected taco is something to not eat.

I doubt your existance, Raul. -Tom, of Fetus for Breakfast

I could not find the existance in the dictionary of words.  You are right. It probably is not real.

Lies! Lies! Lies! Raul why must you lie to us? YOU realy are the Evil Mastermind behind EC. Aren't you? I know the truth though! i KNOW how YOU have been chaining up the Mr's E and having them beaten for their crimes against humanity or even just for perverse pleasure. Its just more of YOUR twisted games YOU are playing with us here. YOU are trying to torture us from a distance, just like the Mr's E - and I will have none of it! this is the end! YOUR LIES SHALL BE EXPOSED!I'm going to be going higher up than you can possibly imaginne - and big brother is going to come down on you "Raul" they are going to come down hard. and when "they" do it... you'll know - that your games are over! ~Ian Cudmore

Were you outside with Mr Hando? You sound like one of the ones who fell. I think you need to stop drinking when you start to talk like that. Mr Hando has a learned lesson too.

Hello "RAUL" if that is in fact your name... you know what Raul is spelled backwards? huh? its Luar! yeah i know it. i'm on to you!~ I.M.C.

Thank you Mr Crudmore. I did not know about the Luar. I think it is not my name when it is backwards.

Thank you. This was not hard today. I will try again tomorrow.


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