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April 4, 2006

Putting the Hammer down...

Ethics. It's more than just having the majority in power and redefining the word.  There are some ethical violations so egregious that no amount of subtle word-play or spin can change them from black to white.

And so Tom DeLay drops out of his hilarious attempt at securing re-election, assuring voters that he does so to prevent the vile democrats from wrongly using his situation for their gain.

Whatever dude, talk to the ass 'cuz the hand's already heard it.

In related news, really sick thing to watch for is the presidential pardon for Tom's buddy Jack Abramoff.  And it's coming.  Sitting on the back-burner for another big news event to hide behind.  Next time there's a bomber to shock-and-awe us, or a hurricane/flood to ignore, the freedom crew will pop the cage door and Jack will walk free.  If DeLay is smart, he'll try to expedite the federal probe of his office, and Texas investigation of his money laundering, and get convicted quickly so he can get in on the same deal.

Remember, you heard it here first.


But Tom continues to fight a gainst that obvious long-term winning strategy.  He mounts a subtle short-term defensive strategy: By dropping out of the race the $1.3 million in his campaign account, raised by supporters for his re-election, can shift to his legal defense fund. And so we have another example of integrity from those "with the mandate." 


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