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March 30, 2006

Thirty Years of Apple - #2

Don't get us wrong. We've loved Apple since before 1984.  Apple turns 30 on April 1st, and we have to wish it a happy birthday.  We'll celebrate with three doomed wishes for Apple of the future. One for each of the ten years, one each day starting Wednesday and ending on Friday. On Saturday, the actual anniversary, well, we may just ignore Apple all together.  Kind of fitting.

Today's wish: Apple, focus on your substance, dial down the hype. 

You've got the marketing thing down pat, but the hype machine is out of control.

Case in point. There was simply no need for the last product announcement parade with Steve up on the stage hyping a $100 leather pocket protector for the iPod. He just looked silly. Where's the iBassomatic?

Yeah, yeah, you had your iPod boom box, and Steve passionately tried to explain how two fixed speakers 12 inches apart from each other fully separated each instrument into it's own individual spatial relationship with the listener.  How the box was crafted better than the stereo systems we have in our homes... And at this point, the audience was saying "um... no."  Did Steve say he was dumping his own home stereo system for one of these?  No, because he's an exaggerator, not an out-and-out liar

Save your big voice for big products. Right now, you're just crying wolf in front of a huge Keynote slide.


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