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March 29, 2006

Thirty Years of Apple - #1

Don't get us wrong. We've loved Apple since before 1984.  Apple turns 30 on April 1st, and we have to wish it a happy birthday.  We'll celebrate with three doomed wishes for Apple of the future. One for each of the ten years, one each day starting Wednesday and ending on Friday. On Saturday, the actual anniversary, well, we may just ignore Apple all together.  Kind of fitting.

Today's wish: Apple, please accept the fact that you're less than six percent of the market - or change that. 

Apple, your presence in business is, for the most part, restricted to that happy class of affected graphic artists who rebel... well because that's what affected artists do. Your home market is a small group of individuals whom you've sold on the idea that they'll never be smart enough to use PCs.  Sure, we personally love the UI, the integration... but every time we buy one of your boxes we have to ask ourselves why we aren't buying a PC that is 50% more powerful and 100% more compatible for the same price?

Accept the idea that people would love a box that runs your stuff and Windows at the same time. Now that you're on Intel chips, there's really no excuse not to grow your market share... after a fashion. 

Of course, Steve won't do this... so be happy with your 6%.


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