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March 20, 2006

Four More Years

Today marks the third anniversary of the little war that George sold us, on the basis of his father's victory, as expected to be wrapped up in a couple of months start to finish.

Of course, the lies and mistruths (is there really a difference between spinning and lying?) used to justify and perpetuate this colossal miscarriage heap up daily.  Note that in talking about the anniversary, W doesn't use the word "War" anywhere, as if that will soften the now over 2300 US military dead.  Instead, he says

''We are implementing a strategy that will lead to victory in Iraq."

Fuck George, if all it took was the implementation of a strategy, why didn't we do that three years ago?

Clinton was called up for impeachment about lying about a blow job. Nobody was hurt except a little black dress downed by friendly fire.

George Bush has lied about 9/11 warning signs, WMDs, about torture, about business interests, about things that have crippled the American economy and our relationship with the world. We're beyond calling for Impeachment, it's time for criminal proceedings.

Bush will burn in hell, of course, but we were hoping for something a little more immediate...


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