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March 18, 2006

Another bunch that needs to be lined up and shot...

Those "merchants" who pay damaged men and young kids minimum wage to litter neighborhood doorsteps with advertising flyers. Merchants too cheap to use the mail service, which can be stopped while you're vacationing, they pay the wretched to take the equivalent of an advertising crap on your doorstep and walk off to do it to the next house. Basically it's an advertisement to criminals that "hey, look at all the flyers on this house, nobody's home, break in here!"

Fight back!  Call the merchant and rip them a new one over the phone. Have fun with it, place large "phantom orders" and take up some of their precious time finally saying "You know what?  Your suck ass flyers have convinced me to cancel this order."  Do that three or four times an hour. Remember to hide your caller ID.  Collect the flyers from your neighborhood, bundle them around a heavy object, and "drop them off" at the merchant's place of business. Maybe soaked in urine, maybe not - depends on how much you've had to drink.

OK, maybe we're overreacting here.  They don't all need to be shot. While shooting one or two as an example to the others would probably turn things around here fast enough, it's probably not justified by their simply being in league with people who would break into our homes, harm our pets, and take our stuff...right?

The fuck it's not.


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