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March 14, 2006

We needed a second 360...

You know, for the den. Nothing says beat-down like two separate networked XBOX systems.  You avoid all that "you were looking at my half of the screen" nonsense.  (Of course we were looking at your half of the screen. Are we stupid?) So we've been a little hamstrung since the media room went XBOX 360, and the Den was still in big black box land.  We needed another 360.

But, they're impossible to find... right?


We got a little help from the folks at Untitlednet and their XBOX 360 In-Store Inventory Tracker.  Great little application that only asks you how far out you want to drive to pick one up.  It then lists all the stores in your area and their current inventory levels.  Sweet.

Our story?  Well, we were told about this over dinner one evening recently.  The next day we downloaded and installed it.  Running it for the first time we entered our zip, and a 20 mile radius request, and got an instant hit.  At first we thought this was just a test situation, a first run thing, but sure enough the local Best Buy had eleven units in stock right then!  Hop in the car and 45 minutes later we're golden.

Doesn't get much better than that.

So if you're looking for that second or third XBOX 360, we highly recommend it.  Hell, it's even good if you're still stuck on getting your first.

  And, if all that weren't great enough, the default sound for when the app detects 360's in your search zone is Gir screaming "I found it I found it!"   

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