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March 13, 2006

Going out on a limb here...

We're geeks.  You probably know that already. How geeky? Well, the highlight of this week for us is that the Sci Fi channel is going to start showing the New Dr Who shows. 

Who is Who?  We'll not go into that here.  Just go find out for yourself, you've got tons of Internet to read.

We've scored a copy of last year's BBC Christmas special and effects and acting are so much better than the original series. Well, it used to be charming to see aliens with cardboard and papier-mâché parts bumping into walls, but then again that's not exactly lost to us.  We've just got a new, polished, shiny Doctor to watch now.

Friday, 9 and 10pm, SciFi.

  And yes, we do think Rose looks hot.  In that "never goes out of style - stuck in the '80's" EuroTrash way.  

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