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March 12, 2006

We need an abortion...

We, this great nation, need to abort the closed minded parochials who would inflict their own abstract "morality" on the rest of us.  They've lied and clawed their embarrassing way up into the decision making club, and now we all stand and watch as they systematically ruin 100 years of social evolution.

We need to excise them from any position of authority, from influencing the sheep and the morons, from ruining our last chance at evolving into a nation as gown-up as most of the rest of the world.

We can't let retard states like South Dakota, who just made all forms of abortion illegal, lead the way down this path to hell. We can't let the Supreme court make it legal for anti-abortion protesters to physically blockade medical clinics that practice abortion.  This is just too much like some bad science fiction novel where we all end up grinning with glazed-over eyes.  This nation deserves better.

Stand up!  Fight back.  There is nothing fucking funny about this.  That is unless you're one of the adult nations in Europe or Asia - they're fucking laughing their asses off over this idiocy.

  The real irony here is that this is simply another way the immoral conservatives punish the poor.  Anyone else in Amerika who needs an abortion will just travel to a civilized country like Canada (did we say that?) where real medical treatment is available without government intervention.  If you're too poor to get there, have another happy baby - which you'll be totally unable to deal with.  

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