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March 6, 2006

Literary Recommendation...

We just read the first four issues of Warren Ellis' Jack Cross. This is one of those "just for adults because of theme not necessarily nudity" comics that we seem blessed with these days.

Warren Ellis is one of those new prolific, prophetic, and madly talented guys who are breathing some life back into media in general.  Ellis is a bit of a watchdog on the meta-conspiracies of organized governmental crime and the public's acceptance of same.  His scripts are tight, frenetic, and deliver their punch line with the timing of a john paying off a hooker and splitting.  He's way cool.

Jack Cross issue 1-4 outlined a cross-government agency conspiracy/rebellion where a cell of Homeland security folks decide to fake a terrorist event to both solidify their position and eliminate some anti-war factions within the US. Cross is a highly efficient self-mutilating ex-spook called in when the orgs. can't handle the problem themselves. 

We were particularly chilled by the following realistic exchange.  It occurs when the plan to basically launch a chemical attack on San Francisco is revealed:

All right. The CIA director came clean in closed session.  On guarantee of agency immunity. 

The device is in San Francisco.

And it's going to be used. Your protesters Jack. 

The CIA doesn't have to guarantee free speech to anyone.  Protesters aid the terrorists.  Heard that before?

There'll be a huge gathering of dissent types in San Francisco. And tomorrow they're going to be a little more stupid.  And the day after that they'll be a little more docile.  And by the end of the week civil disobedence in the Bay Area will be all over for a generation.

And our president will say "Well done, guys."  If he's even allowed to find out.  And there'll never be even a trace to show that anything happened.

Like we say, the real danger to America is the sheep.

  Other current and E.C recommended WE titles you can pick up are: Planetary, Desolation Jones, and Fell.   If you really want to get "out there" we like the Strange Kiss/Kisses/Killings series as well - but leave your sanity at the door.  

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