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March 1, 2006


We dearly hate to repeat ourselves one day after the next, its so uninventive and shows that we're not living up to the reputation of innovation and creativity we cherish (careful, we're building irony here.)  But we just had to do a part 2 on yesterday's note about the Apple announcements. 

Steve's reality distortion field must have been running full blast as he could have brought out the iPocketFisherman, iThighmaster, and iClapper with more interest than yesterday's trinity of "fun products."

First, who the fuck needs another iBoomBox.  Especially one where the precious iPod perches precariously on top just waiting to fall off.  This is our new living room sound system Steve?  Well hell, just let me rip out all the in-wall speakers for the 9.1 sound system we've currently got in place. 

Oh, a new Mini.  How nice. And it's a media center you say? Nope, it's still not any where near as functional as our current media center, but yeah it does have fewer buttons on the remote because it's not any where near as functional as our current media center.  Fewer buttons though, you're right - it must be better. Functionality be damned, we don't need broadcast TV when we can fork over $2 a show to watch a small sub-set of popular shows one day later from iTunes Music Store.

And we're happy to fork $100 over for your new Apple approved leather iSleeve for our iPod.  Even though the sleve design is the stupidest, least functional design ever for a portable music device we need to access all the time, because it's you we'll drop a C-note on this little pile of cat droppings.

Well, you've certainly redefined Fun.  iFun. 

  Bet the folks at Altec Lansing, Bose, and Cambridge are all breathing a sigh of relief that you filled that immense external speaker for iPod gap customers have been complaining about.  Lord knows those old manufacturers of quality sound systems weren't up to the task!  Lucky for them Apple is such an innovator.  Glad you've helped define the relationship there.  

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