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February 26, 2006

Creepy Belly...

Ok.  This is going to rub some folks the wrong way, but we have to say it. Pregnant women are getting kinda creepy.

Do we want to see Angelina Jolie's  swelling belly? No, we don't really know her, we'll never get to appreciate her as a real human being, so our only real interest in AJ is our fantasies, and we're not about to spoil that. She's only one of many pregger hotties who think they should still be sporting that bare midriff look. No, sorry, that's just wrong.  Laura Croft belongs in the back dark secret section of our minds, all oiled up and breathing heavy - not rolling toward us with a distended belly button.

Frankly we just tasted a little vomit perusing the clothing ads today.  We came across a page of new pregger fashions.  The big picture in the center: model posed in a "dare me" stance, long coat, flared pants, and shortie top to let the moon of belly show through.  Sorry babe, we know you get a little crazy around this time, but that's not pretty.  Someone had to tell you.

Frankly, it's way too close to those guys in Yellow Submarine who had shark heads as bellies that bit the buds off of long stemmed flowers. Nice metaphor. They never fit into our fantasies either.


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