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February 24, 2006

Did we mention...

Our dislike for Apple Safari browser?  Yeah, we did, some time ago.  Their interpretation of HTML caused our page to look crappy, only on their browser. And they don't get shit from folks for installing a "preferred default browser that points to their sites" the way Windows does.  A double-standard is a double-standard regardless of market share folks.  Hypocrisy is easily defined.

Now it turns out we have a reason to really dislike Safari. OSX gets all this press on security and how much better it is than Windows, blah, blah, blah. But this week security and anti-virus companies issued advisories about a hole in Safari that allows attacking a user's machine and installing malicious code on the Macintosh system.  Analysts called the hole "trivial to exploit."

This followed by a bunch of news about new worms on Macs - that computer that's supposed to be oh so secure that you don't ever have to worry about all that stuff that happens on inferior Windows machines.

Before you start calling us "haters" we'll let you know right up front we've had a Mac in the computer room, occasionally two or three, since 1984.  Have you?  Thought not. We love our Mac itself. We dislike the morons who tout it for things it is not.

So comment Mr. Jobs?  Again, we thought not.

  Written while running Windows on our Dell while we listened to the Engadget podcast on iTunes on our G5.  

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