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February 12, 2006

And in case it wasn't clear...

Don't use Britney Spears as your mothering role model girls.

U.S. Transportation Secretary Norman Mineta want's to make sure you're aware that she's a bad model to follow. We know that's a difficult concept, you look to Spears for tips on hygiene, philosophy,  investments, and so much more... we can all appreciate Norm's timely perspective here. It's not like he's grandstanding on a minor celebrity's minor mistake, blowing it out of proportion to draw attention to himself.  Oh no, not Norm.

It is, after all, practical guidance. Case in point: The next time you're trying to escape the obsessive and historically irresponsible paparazzi with your newborn, make sure you spend 15 minutes adjusting the carseat so they can get all those wonderfully responsible journalistic shots of you bent-over into the minivan.

Norman Mineta will thank you for that.  As the "Transportation" secretary, he's all about checking for junk in the trunk.


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