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February 11, 2006

Accidental Discovery...

Discovery is too strong a word of course.  We're talking about finding the already found, already popular within their scope of popularity.  We didn't know though - and personal discovery is much more important than all that bringing it back to y'all stuff.

Vague enough yet?

OK, we're just browsing links, looking for the Pirate Princess. 

Yes, another uninterpretable personal reference.  Only three of us are getting that. Maybe four if she's been paying attention.

Well, we fall into a slight mistype on one page, and end up in an unexpected location. That has an intriguing background sound - Who is that? - so we follow up.

Alice, ne, Aleister down the rabbit hole, grasping tightly the 802.11g signal.

Soviet Kitsch.  Sounds wonderfully politically retro. We do pine for the days of the cold war, now that hot wars seem the vogue among the moronic mass. 

Woa cowboy, don't go there.  Remember, nice thoughts...

We end up on http://www.reginaspektor.com/  We end up there for a half an hour.  Hey, we're still there right now. Or at least we were. Again, time travel is so confusing. But we enjoyed the stay, or are enjoying it right now/then.

Have we mentioned lately how much we miss Manhattan?

Anyway, we digress at our own  digression. You of course are free to ignore, but you may enjoy the visit and you won't have to do so by accident.


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