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February 10, 2006

Gorillaz Attack

We've been meaning to follow up on this for a few days.  The Grammy opener with Madonna and Gorillaz.  What a let-down. We're all "Hey, what the fuck?  Where'd the Gorillaz go?  Who are all these bisexual twits dancing about with that old lady?" We could have done with 30 more minutes of the G's and left out M's little walk-on to their show all together.  They were so cool, she was... well the fact that she's basically doing Kylie Minogue's act like it was something new - just so sad. 

But back on the good.  The G animation was great.  We could have done with another song or two from them - wasted potential not hitting that more.  Loved it when 2D broke out his cell phone to do some text messaging while Noodle started up her song and M did her stripper strut.  Kinda what we felt like doing.


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