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February 9, 2006


We've allowed the current misadministration to make us bitter and depressed.  The happiness killers were winning.  We've got to change things up. 

It's not interesting that the fuck-ups put into power by the multitude of morons are screwing up life for another few years. Too easy to say. Everyone nodds their heads saying "Yeah, yer right, we're depressed about it too" or they say "Hey fuck face, this shit ain't red-state bananas." 

In either case, what's the point? Either way, it's really no challenge. 

So... looking for the upshot here, right?  We're going to get off the political bend for a while.  Not forever, but a challenge to those that are us to see if there's something out there more interesting.  Fuck, of course there is.  We're just gonna focus there for a while. It's therapy. Kind of like shutting off your TV.

Sure, if Monkey Boy does something that elevates his normal stupidity to amazingly stupid we might dip back in...   


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