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February 4, 2006

A Bush in the Hand = 4?

Bother you that Bush has to suggest that we teach math and science in schools? Yeah, that state of the union address was just full of great ideas, providing you accept the fact that the USA is currently cultivating the mental equivalent of a small Congo village in the 1940s. When do those Swedish missionaries get here to teach all that readin and riting stuff?

We are, after all, being lead by a mental midget.  Bush quote from a recent visit with high school students:

"You know,a lot of people probably think math and science isn't meant for me -- it kind of seems a little hard, algebra. I can understand that, frankly."

Yeah, no shit. Grammar too.

But apparently he's being told by his handlers that the US is losing the battle in world economics due to there not bein' nuf smart nerds.  It seems that screaming "Amerkica, Hell Yeah!" just doesn't have the stuff when it comes to dealing with countries where education is funded and the pawns of aggressive lobbyists are prosecuted and imprisoned. 

So is Bush getting it? Nah, but it wouldn't matter if we'd turn say 10%  of that ability to fund 500 Billion in military spending into some funds to make sure every kid has the potential to go to college.  You know, rebuild the country and stuff and junk...

Not that that's happening of course.  It's just words after all, nothing behind them except a shit-eating smile.  The administration and the "got mine" party don't want to educate the masses after all.  Educated people don't make good sheep.


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