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January 27, 2006

Friday Recommendation

Sure, it's not as elegant as The Daily Show, and not as biting as South Park, but we have a warm spot in our heart for The White House. Dot Org that is. If you're looking for Truth through Fake News, this is a definite waypoint in your search pattern.

An example from their front page today reads like it was ripped directly from a Bush speech:

"Today, the dirt people of Palestine, or 'Exploding Mexicans' as I like to call them, embraced Lady Liberty by holding free elections. Unfortunately, those basket cases voted for the wrong party – some evildoer outfit called 'Hummus.' Well that's not how a modern, Diebold-optimized democracy works. And I should know!"

No that's clever with a capital clev.

  Lately we especially liked the send up of Chief White House Shit-Filled Creampuff Scott "Call me Sweaty" McClellan.  The paradoies are almost as funny as watching him trip over his own lies.  

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