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January 20, 2006

Geez, Even the Vatican Gets It!

Fiorenzo Facchini, Professor of Evolutionary Biology at Italy's University of Bologna, published an article in the Vatican newspaper L'Osservatore Romano recently.  The subject?  Just how full of shit the inbred Intelligent Design proponents are.  Specifically whether anyone who comes in contact with the ID assholes are likely to come away with shit stains on them, or just smelling of crap. No, not really, but that would be a hell of an article.  With pictures and diagrams and a big chart of brown and blue states...

(OK, let's collect ourselves for a moment.  Deep breaths. There, better now.)

But seriously, the Vatican-endorsed article notes that ID is not a science and only serves to create confusion around the definition of science and it's necessary separation from faith.

Huh? The Vatican is worried about this splinter group of the insane moral majority creating confusion about science? Wow. Big props to the guys in the funny hats, we never knew you were so... well intelligent and reasonable.

Hear that Jim-Bob-Ray and Mary-Jo-Sue?  When the craggy old Vatican says you morons are... well morons about evolution and creationism, you need to take notice.  It's not like they're in the pocket of the immoral anti-faith leftist conspiracy right?

And while we're at it, where is the IAFLC meeting this week anyway?


I see no difficulty in joining belief in the Creator with the theory of evolution, but under the prerequisite that the borders of scientific theory are maintained.
Cardinal Christoph Schönborn, 10/2005


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