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January 15, 2006

Once more into the Shouts...

Not having had enough, time off that is, we take a few moments to expose some reader thoughts to the light of day...

Marty clues us all in.

Just wanted to say to you guys, i get it. Thanks. Marty

Leanne may no longer be able to see that we've posted her note.

i have my wrist pierced and its gone all gacky - any advice? Leanne

Jared creates a paradox.  Luckily we're able to deal with the ambiguity.

I have nothing to say... nothing at all -Jared Ulmer

Chris seems to have found a home.

Impressive! People with the same ability to intelligently insult the feeble minded as well as I do! I salute you!Chris Arnold

Chris (same? perhaps) searches for answers to age old questions.

argh-what does the map with the blinking countries mean, there is no logical order they go in, and, oh help, what does it mean, please tell me, Chris

We're done for today.  Tomorrow is indeed tomorrow.


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